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Sharon Spillar

Sharon was born in Mount Carmel, ILL, grew up in Kansas where her art interests began, spending countless hours watching her mother paint. Started out at Kansas State University with a different degree in mind and then switched her classes to art history, drawing and painting after a visit by her mom who
handed off her art supplies. Sharon began to experiment and then found she could not stop…she had finally found her passion. She now lives in St. Louis with her children and an assortment of furry critters.

Artist Statement


“I am inspired by views and reactions to places and spaces from both imaginary
and actual experience; such as a body of water, a wild storm, a vivid dream.
These works are spontaneous reactions to memories and feelings from my life.
My images are mapped with marks, lines and color, both expressive and linear.
Color and line are essential in the communication of my work. After the painting
is completed, I add thick layer of UV protectant infused high gloss. This gives my work another dimension by adding reflections of the outside world to the work.”

“I create images, both from nature and from within, bringing the vision to form through my use of color, composition and texture. My finished pieces communicate a strong and vivid emotional statement on canvas.”

Mixed Media

My life is crazy-fun and busy in a house full of two teens,
four cats, a spoiled dog, and my art.

I am inspired by nature, old architecture, my flower garden, 
my kids, things I have heard and felt, and my general
surroundings. My work shows real life in all its wonder and

You will notice the number 307 showing up in my work from
time to time.  It is based on the simple fact that I like that
number.  I have a side art project on Facebook based
on 307. Every day, I take a picture within the sixty
seconds of 3:07. The project started 11-20-14. You can
check it out at

MIXED MEDIA - ink, acrylic, chalk, paper, found objects, 
etc. on hand-made board, finished with a UV-resistant



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