Rebekah Bynum

"I have worked my entire adult life as a professional artist. Never wanting to miss an opportunity, I took on whatever commissions came my way and excelled in architectural renderings, murals, gallery pieces, and portraits. Along the way, I discovered a knack for teaching and developed a very successful acrylic painting studio that grew into a franchised business. Over the last several years, I have yearned to return to painting more serious works and am now making art (nearly) full time in my public studio #313 at the historic Lowe Mill in Huntsville, Alabama. 
In my figurative work, I focus on beauty and humor.  By celebrating idiosyncrasies in one's image and personality, I hope to build up each person who views my art.  We are all lovely in our own way.  As an artist, it is my job to show the everyday beauty I have witnessed.  Or the laugh I laughed.  I want the viewer to see my work and remember feelings that get pushed to the side during our normal busy days."

-- Rebekah Bynum