Nona Perdue is the owner of SocialK Communications, in Huntsville, Alabama. She has a creative background in media including radio, magazine publishing, and advertising, and is an award winning copywriter and creative director. Her artistic journey took a turn in 2011 with the creation of SocialK, a marketing agency specializing in social media and public relations. She stepped on the other side of the camera and her photography has often been used on clients’ websites, social channels and editorial content. In addi- tion to client photography, she always has her camera in tow when traveling and estab- lished PhotoK Studio in 2016 to pursue fine art photography. She has studied with inter- nationally exhibited photographer and journalist Meredith Mullins in Paris, and with blogger and stylist/photographer Beth Kirby in Nashville. She says, “I have a passion for creating content and telling stories, and I’m always trying to frame things in a compelling way. I hope that my photography draws people in and makes an emotional connection. I’ve learned that effective marketing makes that connection and I’m a believer in the power of images. It’s true; a picture can be worth a thousand words. I also believe in good ‘visual karma’ and in the healing power of art. What goes around, comes around and we receive what we give. For me, photography is a spiritual experience and I realize that I am never working alone. What talent I possess is divinely inspired and gifted. If I can inspire, entertain, soothe or simply delight with my work, that is the greatest gift for me. “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson