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Maggie Little

Artist's Statement

I am a life long observer of Nature. I am constantly looking at the world and when I see the thing that really speaks to me I wonder, “Can I communicate this transcendent quality with paint?” Can I paint about this subject, this distinctive element that I see, so that the one viewing my work will look and say, “Yes, that is just how it is.” I try to funnel my vision of Nature through my eyes and hands on to the canvas. My most successful pieces are the ones where I just get out of the way and let it happen. I paint the western landscape when I visit there, but the ones that I most love to do are right here in Madison County. Most of my time has been spent doing portrait work, so when I have the chance to do something that really feeds my inner life I take it. Landscape painting is one of those things. I was the Featured Artist of the 1992 Panoply of the Arts in Huntsville AL and won the People's Choice Award at the first Huntsville Museum of Art Juried Show.




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