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Helen Vaughn

Artist's Statement:

I have made paintings and drawings of one sort or another for over forty years; a pursuit that is, by its nature done alone. But far from feeling lonely all those hours spent in the studio, the process of making paintings continues to excite, engage and invigorate me.
Lately, I am making oil paintings both large and small. These realistic works combine texture and subtle coloration wrapped in carefully arranged compositions, both simple and complex.
As a painter I am continually fascinated by the properties of color, light and shadow as they affect both the image and my own sense of time, place and inner harmony.  While this focus influences both the visual elements of the work and my needs as an artist, the paintings stand or fall on their own.
My aim as a painter is to bring to life a slice of the world as I experience it. Light, color and form are my vocabulary. With these paintings, I hope to communicate a part of my corner of the universe as I experience it in my seventh decade.



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