Artist's Statement:


I remember being a child and the first time I walked into the back room of a jeweler. He had a torch in his hand and magnifying glasses on his face. He seemed like a magician playing with fire and I always loved magic. I believed that a master can turn anything into gold. I still believe that, but on a deeper level. Another interest I had during that time was searching for antique coins. Growing up in the Mediterranean city of Tunis, I found a medley of these including Punic, Roman, Byzantine, Vandal, Jewish, Islamic, French…so began my fascination with collections.

Many years later, I arrived in New York City, and the old dream of playing with fire, shaping gold and collecting objects came back to life. I went to the GIA to study Gemology and finished intensive programs in goldsmithing and diamond setting. To learn more, I went to India to search for gems and started setting them in gold and silver. I’ve been surrounded by gemstones and a flood of patterns ever since. Even after all of these adult experiences, my childhood is what ultimately defines my sense of beauty and esthetic choices. I still enjoy creating collections and surrounding myself with the magical beauty found in precious metals and gems.


I believe that the world is waking up to the reality that we cannot maintain our current way of living on earth. It is unsustainable to treat everything around us as lifeless resources. Respecting the earth is not just a poetic concept anymore-it is necessary for survival. We simply cannot afford to see ourselves as separate entities living “on” earth rather than being of the earth itself.

How can we turn this daunting reality into gold?

Ultimately, the change will really take shape when we are fully aware of the effects that our daily choices make. We must try to “do no harm” whenever possible.
In our studio, we’re doing our best to be aware of the impact of metal mining. We source gold from artisanal mines whenever possible and reduce our footprint through the use of recycled metals.

There is a lot to be done, but we are very optimistic. Please let us know if you have thoughts or suggestions to help us translate our ideals into reality.