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Local artist Zara Edwards Lowry is debuting her newest work, Hope Huts, at the Gallery this month, and we cannot stop staring at them. Followers of the artist will recognize the new three-dimensional pieces as the subject from several of her previous pieces, like in the works below.
Zara writes,“I first started painting Hope Huts early in my career, the inspiration came from wanting to portray a place of refuge and protection, but also, something familiar, a home, basic, rudimentary and without frills...I thought why not let them come out of the canvas and stand alone?”
Oh my, are we glad she did! 
She explains, “As an immigrant, traveling, uprooting and moving around always made me feel the urge to create a home base, no matter where I lived. A place that allowed me to feel grounded throughout many drastic changes in my life. The idea of having safety and a place to rest at the end of a day is a must to replenish energy and give us hope to carry through and embark on the journey ahead. They are solid reminders of freedom, seclusion, safety and hope, the things that are simple and yet so important in our daily life...”
Zara’s Hope Huts are selling fast, but while they last The Little Green Team is thankful for the daily reminder. Click here to see the collection. Better yet, come in today and see them in person. 
Where are you finding inspiration today? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Brenda Stroud says...

    These Hope Huts are so creative and thought provoking, and I love them all.
    One must come and see in person! Zara is amazing!

    June 28, 2017

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