Sweet Summer Time

Are y'all hot, or is it just us? This week certainly feels like summer! We have the perfect cure for the heat... WATER.  On August 3rd the Little Green Team will host its monthly gallery exhibit and you do not want to miss this show. Daniel White's "Lakes, Rivers and Shores" is exactly what you need to pull you through the dog days of summer. 

White is a visual artist from Birmingham, AL. His primary subject is “Billy,” an autobiographical in paint form.

Boy with a Raft

Billy is the boy of the artist, and through his work he relives personal narratives and personal memories. Growing up, bodies of water were a familiar setting for his family. 


After the Boat Wreck

Often details are either enhanced or erased, similar to the way we process our own memory. Through this process, Daniel hopes to communicate with his audience in a universal way, allowing him to tell his story but inviting the viewer to connect and share their own story as well.  

We cannot wait to show you his newest pieces! Maker sure to mark your calendar for August 3rd, 5pm to 8pm.   

Speaking of summer... have you picked up the new issue of No’Ala magazine yet? The summer issue is out and it is gorgeous. 

I spy some great art from TLGS by Alan Davis!

And some of our favorite glass pieces

Are you headed to the pool or the lake this weekend? Want a good read?? Pick up a copy today! You can thank the Little Green Team later. 

PS - Want to know the coolest spot in Huntsville?  Monte Sano!  If you need a break from the heat drive up to The Little Green Store.  We'd love to see you!






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